Translation service focused on Quality, Confidentiality and Price...
Translation service focused on Quality, Confidentialityand Price...

Legal Document Translation...


Our team specialises in the translation of legal documents and we currently undertake projects in the following areas of Law:

  • Certificates of Accuracy
  • Witness statements
  • Trusts
  • Wills
  • Articles of Association
  • Litigation documents
  • Immigration documents
  • Property/exhibit labels

Many of our translators spend a portion of their time acting as interpreters at court or on legal visits and this enables them to have a unique understanding of legal procedures and legalese that enables the document not only reflect an accurate translation, but also the the most accurate meaning to the text. 


Our Accreditied translators will provide a certifying statement with the translated document, should you request one.


Translation and the Criminal Justice System...


We conduct a considerable amount of work translating documents within the Criminal Justice System. We routinely work alongside Solicitors and Chambers offering a service that can be relied upon to provide a professional service based on quality, price and confidentiality.


Our team has a detailed knowledge of Criminal Law as well as the relevant European Law and Humans Rights Act 1998, and are able to offer specific advice on best practice methods in relation to translation of legal documents.


Documents in the Criminal Justice System that we routinely translate are:

  • Legal Correspondence
  • Charge Sheets
  • Bail notices
  • Witness Statements
  • Case Summaries
  • Exhibits
  • Proof of Evidence
  • Court Orders

Our staff have expert knowledge in the procedures in the Criminal Justice system as well the relevant applications to the Legal Aid Agency and our staff are always available to give advice in relation to CRM4 applications.


Our fees are below Legal Aid Rates and we pride ourselves in working in a manner that assists legal professionals in dealing with the relevant agencies and parties, and getting the document translated with a minimum amount of time and fuss. 


Our Legal Aid Package


While we undertake translation projects in all shapes and forms, we are focussed on our core client base of Solicitors and Chambers that work within the Criminal Justice System and Family Law Courts.


For Legally Aided Solicitors we are able to offer a bespoke package that is focused on your businesses needs.


Our typical Legal Aid package includes:


  • Fees guaranteed to be below Legal Aid rates
  • A personally allocated email address and account for your company
  • Next day service for translation of letters in all major European languages
  • Priority translation for documents over 3000 words
  • A 'no fuss' personally tailored method of instruction that involves you only sending us one
  • email per document
  • Invoices and quotes designed to comply with the Legal Aid Agency
  • Extended  invoice  payment  periods  to  allow  your  business  to  be  paid before us!
  • Advice and assistance with CRM4 and CIVAPP8 applications
  • Advice  and  assistance  on  EU  Law  in  relation  to  the  translation of documents.
  • No hidden charges for certified or sworn translations


If you would like to try this business package, contact us today at

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